“Night and Fog”

Hey again guys,

Just streamed a movie called “Night and Fog.” You might have heard of it. It’s a pretty intense movie about the Holocaust. It’s a documentary made in 1955 with some footage from the ’40’s. If you haven’t seen it or have seen it with the voiceover, try watching it with just music. It’s about the only way to stream it actually, with just music. It’s very intense and emotional, but extremely eye-opening. I would recommend this movie if you are okay with a few graphic images and are over at least 16.

Do you any of you guys know anyone who was in the Holocaust?

Also, please leave a comment on what you’d like to here from me next. I know I’ve talked about heavy topics here, but let me know about any good news at either jpblog43@gmail.com or in a comment and I can talk about in my next post.

Until then,